Feb 09 2011
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We’re still here. 

Kisa hooked it up.. peep his stuff here.

Jan 26 2011


YTS East Bay Photoshoot/Meet - 

When: Sat, January 29

Time: 730PM

Where: Tapioca Express - 43421 Christy Street Fremont CA

Just wanted to get a few cars out together for a quick shoot. Everyone is welcome! If anyone is down, just come through! 

Jan 13 2011


951 - Corona California. Home of Eibach and WestCoast Customs..

Click HERE for the full photo set.

Jan 10 2011
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Random Shoot.

Finally some dope weather out in SoCal..met up with some cool cats and decided to shoot their cars..

Shots out to Ted(DC2), Chelle(01 GTS), Angel(02 DC5), and Luis(EP3) from Team JiZEN. Thanks to Regina B for organizing/shooting w/me!

Dec 16 2010


‘Family Guy: It's a Trap’ Exclusive Trailer

Trailer Park Movies | Myspace Video

‘Family Guy: It’s a Trap’ Exclusive Trailer

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